Rules and Regulations:

Safety First: Athletes must warm up adequately before starting the tumble session. Use of appropriate safety equipment, such as mats and spotters, is mandatory.

Skill Levels: Athletes must perform skills that match their proficiency level. No attempting advanced skills without proper training and approval.

Rotation and Timing: Each athlete will have a designated time slot for tumbling. Respect the allocated time to ensure everyone gets their turn.

Equipment Care: Handle all equipment with care. Report any damaged or malfunctioning equipment immediately to the coach or supervisor.

Behavior and Respect: Maintain a positive and respectful attitude towards coaches, fellow athletes, and staff members. Any form of bullying, teasing, or inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.

Spotters: Athletes attempting new or challenging skills must have a spotter present. Always listen to spotters' instructions and guidance.

Hygiene: Wear appropriate athletic attire and ensure cleanliness. Avoid wearing jewelry or any other accessories that may pose a safety risk during tumbling.

Injury Reporting: In case of any injuries during the session, immediately inform the coach or supervisor. First aid will be administered as necessary.

Cancellation Policy:

  • If an athlete cancels their tumble session less than 24 hours in advance, a $25 cancellation fee will be charged.
  • Exceptions may be made for emergencies or valid reasons, subject to approval by the management.
  • Feedback and Improvement: Athletes are encouraged to seek feedback from coaches to improve their skills. Regular evaluations may be conducted to monitor progress.

Penalties for Violations:

  • First Offense: Verbal warning and documentation of the incident.
  • Second Offense: Written warning and mandatory meeting with the coach.
  • Third Offense: Suspension from tumble sessions for a specified period, depending on the severity of the violation.
  • Repeat Offenses: Permanent expulsion from the tumble program.